Birthing Support

A Womban's Place - Birthing Support

We offer professional Doula support to enhance your unique and desired birthing journey. We provide a continuous presence and are available for advice, birthing assistance and resources.

Motherhood Support

A Womban's Place - Woman's Wellness

Through the Self Care model, women will be assisted in creating an individually specific path that leads them to walking in their power, at peace with their surroundings and unashamedly honoring the woman they are.

Wellness Workshops

A Womban's Place - Workshops

We offer engaging, interactive experiences with the purpose of giving women tools to enhance her mental, physical and emotional self.

Helping Women To Develop, Transform and Empower Themselves

A Womban’s Place is a Childbirth and Mother support service committed to creating complete wellness. Its core purpose is to help women to develop tools to transform and empower themselves throughout pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. A Womban’s Place offers Holistic Doula services and Birth Preparation classes, as well as, strives to maximize the potential of a woman and her womb, with all that nature gives us (lifestyle, diet, etc.) We have created partnerships to support interests in prenatal yoga, prenatal massage therapy, chiropractic care and prenatal fitness. In its entirety, it is a nurturing environment where a woman can gain knowledge and support for transitional periods of her life.

“If I could bottle up what my personal womans wellness series meant to me and my ability to actually enjoy being a woman, I would share it. We women are blessed to have each other and I was blessed to have Djifa. I have her on speed dial and so should you.”

Anana Harris Parris, Founder SisterCARE Alliance Inc.

“A Womban’s Place is an amazing one stop shop for all of your pregnancy and postpartum needs. Dzifa’s workshop on essential oils was no different. Her knowledge of what a mama and her family need to achieve optimal wellness is unparalleled. My motherhood journey has been enriched because of it!”

Vanya, Mother of 2

“Djifa was there at the hospital within 2 hours of going into active labor. She was AMAZING!
I honestly thought the pain would be too unbearable to manage. But I did it. I could not have done this without Djifa as my Doula. I have an amazing birth story and sense of accomplishment as a result.”

Karia Welch-Oliver

Meet Djifa - Doula and Women's Wellness Advocate

My name is Djifa Richards Jones and I am a mother, a doula, a pediatric PA, a daughter, a friend and Owner/Founder of two businesses. It is because all of this is me, that I birthed A Womban’s Place, where I advocate for woman’s wellness and specialize in pre and post natal support as well as nurturing self care for moms. As a holistic doula and womens wellness coach, I provide health and wellness education and hold space for moms in order to assist them with prioritizing self care while pregnant and/or parenting. As I learn, grow and evolve I eagerly share it with you! In addition to offering multiple doula packages, childbirth education classes and early infant care instruction; A Womban’s Place hosts interactive and fun-filled experiences that are designed to excite and move you along your selfcare journey through motherhood.

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