Mental Wellness

For  every woman, the balance of her female hormones, the overall health of her womb can affect the peace of her mental state. The psychological affects of dealing with Fibroids, Endometrious and Infertility can be debilitating. A woman's mental wellness is also critical to her having a successful birth, avoiding postpartum depression and maneuvering motherhood. 

Service Fees

1 hour sessions  $100

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Tamara Hunter is an Associate Professional Counselor, Dance/Movement Therapist, Certified School Counselor in the state of Georgia, and Certified Early Childhood Educator in the state of Georgia. Tamara earned a M.S. degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from Pratt Institute, M.A. degree in School Counseling and B.A. degree in Early Childhood Education from Clark Atlanta University. 


Her personal experience with infertility, reproductive loss, profound loss and grief, postpartum anxiety & depression led Tamara to advocate, educate and support women & families.

Tamara’s experience includes working with adolescents, adults, couples, families, and group therapy.  She is a perinatal trained therapist working with clients experiencing infertility, perinatal/postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, reproductive and infant loss, still birth, birth trauma, and women’s issues.


Tamara is passionate about helping others identify inner strengths to support their healing process.  She utilizes, encouragement, humor, person-centered, holistic approaches as well as therapeutic skills of empathy and attunement, to provide a safe space for clients to engage in, and manage, their healing journeys.