Womb Wellness

The hormonal imbalance of the womb presents itself as irregular Menstrual cycles, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Migraines, fatigue and so much more. The use of plants, herbs and other healing modalities combined can help heal the womb. This is beneficial to increasing fertility, quality of life and general female well-being.  Preparing the womb for pregnancy is an integral part of preconception planning and healthy womb maintenance is essential to our overall health and wellness.

Service Fees

1.5 hour sessions $75

Follow up visits scheduled as needed

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ZAIRE SABB: Mother, Healer, Reproductive Rights Activist, Advanced Doula, Student Midwife, Herbalist and child of Ifa. This native Floridian has dedicated her life to healing through training in both traditional western healing modalities as a nurse and ancient ancestral healing as a priestess of Ifa/Orisha. This mother of two is committed to helping women not only find their voice but to reclaim it. She works to integrate plant based medicine, allopathic and spiritual medicine in order to re-balance the womb, heart and spirit. 

Her professional history involves being a Critical Care RN specializing in Pediatric Cardiac Transplants as well as a clinical researcher for the FDA, and is a clinical educator for new RN’s. She also has participated in medical missionary work in 4 different countries. Zaire is also a birth assistant and student midwife with a focus on complicated/ high risk pregnancies, where her passion and training as an herbalist comes full circle. Herbal studies include training and apprenticeship with Patricia Kristi Howell of Botanologos, Popoola Bankola Adenkunle at Ceiba Wellnes Center in Nigeria, and with Chief Adsenia Olatunji- Aresa with the International Green Circle in Ibandan, Nigeria. Zaire has also participated in various birth, wellness and herbal workshops domestically and abroad.