Djifa Richards PA, MMsc, HBD, CBE


Djifa Richards graduated from Howard Univerity with a Bachelors of Science. She is a Licensed Physician Assistant, trained at Emory University School of Medicine, where she graduated with a Masters in Medical Science.  She practices Pediatric medicine part-time and is also a Holistically-trained Labor Doula and Owner/Founder of A Womban’s Place, founded in 2013.  After unofficially practicing as a Doula for over 20 years, Djifa was inspired to create a Birth Support service that encompassed educational workshops, offered various prenatal services and encouraged holistic approaches to the birthing process.  Dedicated to the belief of trusting birth and life as a whole, she birthed A Womban’s Place, LLC in 2013. 

As a mother of 3, who had a natural VBAC after a Cesarean for twins, Djifa is committed to supporting women to use their strengths to maneuver the birthing process.  She is passionate about her work with women and imbuing them with the necessary tools to achieve their fullest potential on the road to motherhood.  As a womb wellness advocate, Djifa created The Womb Collective dedicated to offering  holistic integrative care to women and their wombs. She also hosts a quarterly Motherhood Wellness Series: Finding the Me in Mommy,  led by guests from the birthing and holistic healing community of Atlanta.  She has presented for many organizations in the Atlanta area on Maternal/Child wellness as well as mentored new  Doulas.  Djifa believes strongly in being nurtured by her experiences and reciprocating the same and looks forward to many more years of growing and evolving.


Holistic Doula Certification 2016 – The Matron Foundation

Community Childbirth Educator 2015 – Birthing Blessings Professional Birth Services

Birth Doula Certification 2013 – DONA

Physician Assistant 2005 – Medical Board of Georgia