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Say No to Corona!

Hello New Mothers and Mother-to-Be! I know that you all are in good health and I pray that you are also  at peace. I know that we are all in some way being affected by the current state of affairs in regards to the Corona Virus COVID-19. I wanted to reach out as your Doula and send a few encouraging words, share a few ways to take precautions and address a few housekeeping issues.

First and foremost, I will reiterate the need for frequent washing of hands, and avoidance of touching your face or the face of your infant. As a new mom the idea of social-distancing is probably already something you are implementing as your new one builds his/her immune system, therefore continue with or begin to engage in this practice. Secondly, remember that how you take care of yourself is extremely important. DRINK YOUR WATER! Your fruits and veggies are vital! These will boost your immune system. Vitamin D is especially helpful.

You may have concerns about what to take if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Thankfully when it comes to viruses your immune system is the only thing you have to protect yourself and this can be boosted with natural herbs and foods that you can eat!

  1. *Garlic

  2. *Elderberry

  3. *Vitamin D

  4. *Ginger

  5. *Blueberries

  6. *Oranges

  7. *Greens

In addition, colloidal silver is a good anti-viral, Eucalyptus oil and Peppermint oil boosts the respiratory system and.....the SUN! Please take time to sit out in the sun when it shows itself and if the pollen is not too bad. AND stay active! For my currently pregnant moms especially, make sure you are engaging in periodic exercise and activity. Exercise is also beneficial in general for all of us, as it too is an immune booster.

Lastly, try your best to RELAX AND NOT STRESS! Stay informed but not driven by the climate of fear! Remember your immune system, your breastmilk and your pregnancy are ALL negatively affected by the effects of stress. Use this time to engage in family, imagine and envision your birth, create new hobbies, etc! This is an awesome time to slow down and turn inwards. LOVE ON YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES from a place of peace and not fear!

Stay healthy! With love, your Doula!

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