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Trust Birth!

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Conception and Birth are both very sacred and spiritual moments. In a sense they are the creators domain and therefore not the time to turn our actions into “playing God”. The benefit of medical technology, no matter what form, should still be used sparingly and with the respect of the sacred in mind. Where we go astray with interventions is with “playing God”, re-ordering or re-directing a plan that is not ours. There is a divine reasoning to birth, to conception, and even to miscarriages. I believe that any woman, any birth worker that has experienced any of these can speak to the almost palpable presence of the divine. Yes, there are moments in time where interventions, technology, medical knowledge and observation are very beneficial, but even then it is important to remember that “we” are successful with the Creators blessings.

So what does Trust Birth mean to me? Essentially to truly Trust Birth is to put it back in the hands of the Creator and not assume perfection and positive outcome. It is being ok with the possibilities of a not so favorable outcome. Assuming the outcome should always be successful is playing the role of the grand architect and we are NOT that.

So I tell my moms that if you want to truly trust birth, you have to be ok with whatever the outcome could potentially be. Scary? YES. Yet, this does one very important thing. It helps to remove fear. Helps remove the fear of the “what if’s”. That act alone can open up the channel of a connection to the divine, allowing mom to fully potentiate her spiritual being and birth her baby with divine wisdom and sense of self. Truly trusting birth is a courageous, revolutionary and magical opportunity. We can create, grow, transform and transcend! We can do it! YOU can do it! HAPPY MANIFESTING!

With love, your Doula!

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